ICM 2013


Creole Spice promotes Creole cuisine at participating Creole themed restaurants during International Creole Month. 
Each participating Créole restaurant will customize a dining experience during the month of October, allowing participants to taste créole. 

As a corporate partner, we will ensure that your brand is visible and your message heard. By implementing a healthy mix of online, digital media promotional campaigns and guerrilla type tactics. 

Our restaurant partners have been selected based on their ability to deliver an authentic dining experience in an inviting environment and with selections for both lunch and dinner. 

The 28th day of October has been officially proclaimed, International Creole Day. On this day, millions of fluent speakers of
the Creole language take pride in the fact that their native language is being celebrated. Join us as we celebrate all things creole during International Creole Month 2013. 



Our month kicks off, with a true crowd favorite. Having been featured on a number of travel and food shows, Tap Tap brings a true taste of creole to the already diverse city of Miami. Located on Miami Beach, Tap Tap is sure to deliver. Be sure to check out their location today. Enjoy.


  • ICM Kickoff - Oct 1st
  • Mia/Bro Carnival - Oct 13th
  • Caribe Arts Fest - Oct 17th
  • HACCOFMixer - Oct 17th
  • BNLH - Oct 18th
  • Creole Jazz - Oct 20th
  • Int'l Creole Day - Oct 26th


For those foodies, wanting to try the creole cooking at home, our friends at Madame Gougousse have you covered. Enjoy the weekly recipe selections all courtesy of Madame Gougousse.

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Everything Creole, means everything creole. We also showcase local bakeries and pastry locations in South Florida. For the complete list of locations click here.